Friday on my mind – Easy Beats 1968

No I am not writing about the Easybeats, but I am writing about Fridays.

Its been a long long week.  I am exhausted.  I have driven up to my sister and brother in laws property in Marysville and I am so relieved to be sitting here in front of the open fire sipping on champagne.

I work 5 days a week and some would say how lucky I am – don’t get me wrong, I am lucky to have a job, but at some stage in my life I so want to retire.

So, with the discussion this evening going from how to earn our extra income.  The conversation has gone thus – B&B going well, bills just keep rolling in tho’, remember how we always said a ‘diversified’ income was the way to go.  Sister is making strawberry jam, blueberry jam, brother in law has made pizza with home produce (olives and jalapeño peppers).  We are talking about opening a shop, Christmas, fashion any other ideas? so many options.

Tomorrow I am having a Workshop for my “other” business, that being Arbonne.  Now that is what excites me at the moment.

Meanwhile, I will indulge in sitting in front of the fire, with Chai, my sisters’ two other dogs Emma and Hugo (Bonnie is at the vets :() and a glass of chilled champagne.

After working all week, I WILL NOT be getting up to do breakfast at 8.30am.

Maryton Park Bed and Breakfast Marysville Ph. (03) 59633242 for bookings
Maryton Park Bed and Breakfast Marysville
Ph. (03) 59633242 for bookings

Hello out there, dying to meet you all, we are ALL so interesting in one way or another

You should be seen and not heard. 

How many of us have come across that wonderfully controlling statement when we were kids?  How many of us have that voice in the back of our heads, that, even though we are now adults, keeps holding you back?

Who am I? Firstly me, lastly – me.  We are born, we live, we go back from where we came. At some point in our mixed up crazy existence, we lose ourselves, only to then go and find ourselves!

For some of us, it can take years.  It seems I may have been a slow developer in the real world, as my world has been one of insecurities, misguided beliefs and an endless search for the “real” me.

Well, I am here to tell you what I think, it could be something you could enlighten me on, but the endless search for the real “me” is just that, an endless search.

I have tried to remember my own special values as a new born – or as a toddler – no, its still not coming back to me. I can geninuinely recall at the age of 3, sitting on the curb waiting for the milkman to come (yes, milk did get delivered all those years ago). John the milkman would bend down to my level, as I waited patiently at the kerbside and hand me a chocolate milk.Or was it when I was 5 and I was balancing along the top of the gate, when I fell, and landed on my front teeth, with devastating results.

I do remember those things, but I can’t remember what my values were then.  Maybe that was because I was to young to be aware of such things or was it because I had already been programmed to be “seen and not heard”.

Until next time,