My other job

My jobs have included stenographer, legal secretary, restaurant owner, bed and breakfast proprietor and manager.

I married young, had children at a respectable age, belonged to a reformed society of middle class housewives and was a good mother and wife.

My Mum died of cancer when I was in my late 20’s.  My marriage became stagnant and I fell out of love with my children’s father.   So I left him and took my children.

I remarried and at the age of 40 my expression for what happened next in my life, is “the wheels fell off”.

I got cancer.  I fell pregnant unexpectedly.  Our business failed.  My husband got diabetes.

BUT – I am not dead, our unexpected pregnancy turned into a beautiful daughter, we still have many friends from our failed business, and my husband manages his diabetes.

In my mid 40’s our lives changed.  We became business partners in a bed and breakfast, my other daughters married, had children and life was pretty good.

In 2009 we experienced first hand the Marysville bushfires and we lost many many friends.

What did that create?  Even for my daughters who were not in the fires – a VOID in our lives.  We were affected.

That leads me to now.

I am a happy determined granny because –

I have learned to love, survive (twice), live, share feelings, experience loss and when I thought there was no tomorrow, fought to go on.

Just when I thought I would be retiring on a shoe string because of the curve balls thrown at us, I have discovered network marketing.  It is teaching me some important lessons that life just didn’t seem to give me answers for.  I am learning about myself and others.  I am learning to understand myself and my interaction with people. I feel empowered, excited and ready to start another chapter.

Wish me luck.

This is the path to a 1886 miner's cottage that we owned in Maldon. Although we no longer live there, this place is very much in my heard.
This is the path to a 1886 miner’s cottage that we owned in Maldon. Although we no longer live there, this place is very much in my heart.