My Header Page that I want to share with you

This is my blog on network marketing. I haven’t yet made it, but I am about to. There is a wonderful network of people who are giving me gratification, support and visions that are helping me achieve my dreams.
I didn’t know what that was until I came across it.
Many years ago whilst driving in a friend’s early model beetle, (after nearly being hit by a tram as she dived across busy Burke Road Camberwell) I stated that I was not destined for a “normal life”. She asked what I meant, and of course I could only deliver a projection into the future that I wouldn’t be like everyone else. What a statement to make!
Life hasn’t been normal for me, but hey guess what, I have learned that I am not alone, we are all experiencing far from normal lives.
Anyway, more to the point after all my years of going and coming and acting in more than almost paranormal ways, I have decided that network marketing is my new career, (that is along with my full time “normal”
This article is not about me (believe it or not) it is actually about a dream that you can build. For instance : Do you need to believe in yourself? Are you struggling in your current position at home, work and life in general.
Then read this with an earnest heart (then you should contact me to join my Dream team, as my business and I have much to offer). And please read on.
Are you From :
Baby boomers, Born post war, we are all turning 60 much quicker than we want to. There is a majority of us in the population, we have much to be proud of because we have pushed the economy forward at every level of our decades, when we bought houses – there was a housing boom, when we started having children, population explosion, man we are so cool.
Green revolution (Generation X)
These are people much younger than me (more like my children).
They care about organics, what is put in their bodies, what they eat (vegan), young mums looking to replace a corporate income to give them freedom to stay at home with their children, and live a comfortable life style.
They are aware that skin care containing parabens are potentially cancer causing. Or,
Maybe you are from Generation Y
Somewhere between 18-30 you are coming out of university with debt and little prospect at getting that job you are qualified for. You can blame the baby boomers for this, as they are not retiring to give you a chance to get these jobs. Why – because we can’t afford to!
Why does network marketing work – internet driven (e.g. order on-line, delivery to door) great for busy people.
Meeting people, using products that are not bought in a store and something unique.
Social media, word of mouth through the internet, ie. twitter etc
Lifestyle choice, being independent and having all the hard work done. Selling on line without up front costs or ongoing costs. Being a front man without having to work out what is going on behind the scenes.
So this is my post on networking marketing. I will enlighten you as I progress and share more of the best stuff with you, like flash cars, jewellery and endless trips and residual income.

Now and again I will offer more of an insight to my progression so you can see if it really does work. I believe it will. Lesley McDonald, Independent Arbonne Consultant 613410848!