How to keep looking younger

Try standing upside down for a while or try using Arbonne

Gravity, so necessary but so annoying for any of us concerned with the drooping, sagging business that is going on with our skin. 

The cosmetics department offers tempting luxurious scents,  iconic make up brands and shiny new alluring containers.  The make up assistants are equally beguiling.  The products may work but how many times does the product end up in the bin or in the back of the cupboard because it didn’t give the expected result.

I have to say, I have tried it all, I have even contemplated Botox. At the age of 50 plus, I have taken up the challenge with my skin.  My once unlined flawless complexion seemed to have signed up with the gravity gym.  I didn’t agree to this, and I have attempted trying numerous products to protect my skin from becoming a member.

There are lines which threaten to become crevices, my lips are beginning to disappear and my chin has decided to duplicate itself – as if one isn’t enough!

All this was liked a bad dream, until I discovered Arbonne RE9 which is a premier anti-ageing skincare line that works.

Stop skin from acting its age Stop skin from acting its age.

My shop is open 24/7 and you can order on line.

Moving Day has Arrived

IMG_1492Adventures of Chai – moving

We are moving.  We have started packing and performing the long tedious task of slowly emptying each room.  Jenny our neighbour is sad, sad we are going, but especially sad that Chai will not be visiting her for “play dates” with her two pooches. 

The morning of the move has come, we are up at the crack of dawn, sliding the last of the boxes full to the brim across the floor.  Jenny from next door has come in to say goodbye to Chai (and us) but Chai is nowhere to be seen.  Normally she greets Jen at the door.

We call her, but she doesn’t come.  There aren’t many places left for her to hide, but I remember the bedroom is the last room which has some remaining comforts, and I find her – flat and very well blended between the pillows and the sheets.

Friday on my mind – Easy Beats 1968

No I am not writing about the Easybeats, but I am writing about Fridays.

Its been a long long week.  I am exhausted.  I have driven up to my sister and brother in laws property in Marysville and I am so relieved to be sitting here in front of the open fire sipping on champagne.

I work 5 days a week and some would say how lucky I am – don’t get me wrong, I am lucky to have a job, but at some stage in my life I so want to retire.

So, with the discussion this evening going from how to earn our extra income.  The conversation has gone thus – B&B going well, bills just keep rolling in tho’, remember how we always said a ‘diversified’ income was the way to go.  Sister is making strawberry jam, blueberry jam, brother in law has made pizza with home produce (olives and jalapeño peppers).  We are talking about opening a shop, Christmas, fashion any other ideas? so many options.

Tomorrow I am having a Workshop for my “other” business, that being Arbonne.  Now that is what excites me at the moment.

Meanwhile, I will indulge in sitting in front of the fire, with Chai, my sisters’ two other dogs Emma and Hugo (Bonnie is at the vets :() and a glass of chilled champagne.

After working all week, I WILL NOT be getting up to do breakfast at 8.30am.

Maryton Park Bed and Breakfast Marysville Ph. (03) 59633242 for bookings
Maryton Park Bed and Breakfast Marysville
Ph. (03) 59633242 for bookings

Adventures of Chai – Chapter 2

heater with Chai“I don’t like being cold” says Chai.  Do I have to get out of bed?  Reluctantly she moves from the blankets, jumps off the bed and stretches with her belly flat on the carpet.  She looks at me for a much loved rub along her flattened back.

The heater has been on for a while so the house isn’t cold.   I put the kettle on, come on girl, outside – “what me”? She looks me as if I’m mad.  I opened the door and took a step outside, to prove that it wasn’t that bad, not that cold, so there I am thinking Chai was right behind me.

I turned around and looked, “where are you silly!”.

I peeked around the door, there she was, on the heater vent, tail blowing in the hot air, capturing the warmth.   I can see her saying “you must be mad to think I am ready to go outside yet”.

The adventures of Chai – 1st Chapter after intro

Photo on 3-08-2015 at 10.58 pm
Hello, just a quick note about her day today.

She spent most of it at home.  I left the doggie door open so she could go out and do her business.  It has taken a long time for her to use the “door” which at first resisted her efforts to push through it.

Well happily and “unhappily” when I got home, I was relieved to see her outside, but cross that she was barking at the invisible possum that lives in the tree above where she likes to pee.

After such a hard day at home, you can only do one thing in the evening, and that is rest.

Don’t ground them; anti-ground them

My daughter who is 18 has left home.:( The last of 3 lovely daughters. She will do well, and we will do well. I have never grounded her. I have been honest and allowed her to be honest with me. I know much of what she has done and experienced and at times felt concerned for her. But I know she has been brought up to believe in herself.

I've become my parents

Minecraft addicted

I swear if I have to take the computer or the Playstation remotes away one more time I’ll just get rid of both.

Well, I would, but I kind of like using them myself. I am running out of hiding places, though.

I’ve heard from so many parents that they have to take away screen time entirely for various amounts of time as a punishment for bad behavior. Personally, I have no other useful punishments; his favourite activity is inactivity so grounding my son is like sentencing him to his favourite pastime.

Unless I take away screen time, too, grounding him won’t keep him away from his friends anyway. Most of his friends these days have names like Psycho257. They’ve never actually met but their avatars have on some unknown person’s Minecraft server in Cyberville.

Maybe I should ground his avatar.

When I was a kid, my friends had names…

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