Adventures of Chai – Chapter 2

heater with Chai“I don’t like being cold” says Chai.  Do I have to get out of bed?  Reluctantly she moves from the blankets, jumps off the bed and stretches with her belly flat on the carpet.  She looks at me for a much loved rub along her flattened back.

The heater has been on for a while so the house isn’t cold.   I put the kettle on, come on girl, outside – “what me”? She looks me as if I’m mad.  I opened the door and took a step outside, to prove that it wasn’t that bad, not that cold, so there I am thinking Chai was right behind me.

I turned around and looked, “where are you silly!”.

I peeked around the door, there she was, on the heater vent, tail blowing in the hot air, capturing the warmth.   I can see her saying “you must be mad to think I am ready to go outside yet”.

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