The Adventures of Chai

This will be an ongoing blog about our most important member of the family, our daughter’s dog Chai.

She is a Maltese Shitzu Poodle cross with the most beautiful of natures.  In her eyes, everyone MUST love her.

She talks to us, she is very much part of the family.

Our journey with this little dog started 3 years ago.  Our teenage daughter had nagged endlessly about how a pet would fulfil our lives and of course she should have a “friend” being an only child.

We stayed strong, committed, a force to be reckoned with, and said never would we have another animal.. She would have to move out to have her own pet.  That was, until she and I were having a “day out” (one of many) and we walked past a pet shop.

This shop front displayed the most gorgeous little dogs, amongst cats, rabbits and other paraphernalia.

Then something happened to me, amongst the determined opinion of Never would I buy from a  pet shop alias Puppy farms outlet, this little apricot and white puppy, no bigger than a rabbit put her little paws against the glass and it happened.  WE just had to get her.  I fought hard, my how I fought.  We cuddled the dog, discussed the breeding, discussed the price, discussed the not now concept and actually ended up leaving the shop – puppyless.

We had tears, hard words, bribery from daughter of how she would make having this cutest little dog the BEST thing ever.  Finally worn down to the quick, (and secretly wanting this little baby for myself) I gave in.  I rang my husband and hoped he would give me a strong word, ie. Don’t come home with a dog I will leave you, but alas, he didn’t, he waned in a wasted effort of “well we did discuss not having a dog”.

So back to the pet shop, purchase made along with food, bowls, heart worm tablets, and documents giving us the lowdown on what we have to do to maintain the care of our puppy.

Hence the adventures of Chai.


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